Tshurtshurnella, Bubastia und andere verwandte Taxone (Auchenorrhyncha, Issidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:J. Dlabola
Journal:Acta Entomologica Bohemoslovaca

Tshurtshurnella Kusnezov (separated from the Hysteropterum s.l. complex) now contains 13 spp., including 5 new species (T. moreana, T. pythia and T. peloponica all from Greece, T. lodosi Turkey and T. mesopotamica Iraq and 6 new combinations (T. despecta (Linnavuori), T. armatissima (Linnavuori), T. pseudarmata (Linnavuori), T. trifasciata (Linnavuori) and T. duffelsi (Dlabola) all transferred from Hysteropterum, and T. acuta (Linnavuori), transferred from Megissus Linnavuori, which is placed in synonymy with Tshurtshurnella). Bubastia Emeljanov now contains 11 spp., including the new species, B. ludviki (Yugoslavia and Bulgaria) and the new combinations B. transcaucasica (Melichar), B. suturale (Fieber), B. corniculata (Puton) and B. novalis (Logvinenko), all transferred from Hysteropterum, and B. midica (Logninenko) and B. karabachica (Logvenko) both transferred from Aeluropsis. The 1st illustrations are presented for Hysteropterum schaefferi (Metcalf) and H. maculifrons Mulsant-Rey. Six species are known in the genus Falcidius Stal, including F. anatolicus, sp. nov. (Turkey) and F. cygnetis (Fieber), comb. nov. (H. cygnetis). Three new genera are described: VERTICISIUM (type-species, H. pictifrons Melichar); LATEMATIUM (type-species, H. latifrons Fieber); and QUADRASTYLUM (type-species, Q. campanuliforme sp. nov. (Turkey)).

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