Ricania japonica Melichar, 1898 – a representative of family Ricaniidae (Homoptera, Fulgoromorpha), new to the fauna of Bulgaria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:I. Gjonov
Keywords:Bulgaria, Fulgoromorpha, new record, Ricania, Ricania japonica, Ricaniidae

For first time there is a new record of a representative of family Ricaniidae on the territory of Bulgaria. The species Ricania japonica Melichar, 1898 was collected in Southeast Bulgaria near to the Black Sea coast.

URL:http://nature.uni-plovdiv.bg/uploads/bechev/zoonotes/ZooNotes_2011/ZooNotes 23_2011_Gjonov.pdf
Taxonomic name: 
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