A new species of the genus Tshurtshurnella (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from Bulgaria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:V. M. Gnezdilov, Gjonov I.
Journal:Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae
Keywords:auchenorrhyncha, balkan peninsula, europe, immature morphology, issinae, issini, palaearctic region, planthoppers, taxonomy

A new species of the genus Tshurtshurnella Kusnezov, 1927, T. decempunctata sp. nov., is described from Bulgaria. This is the first record of the genus from this country. According to the coloration of the head and the structure of the male genitalia the new species is closely related to T. lodosi Dlabola, 1979. For the fi rst time in the genus, a fifth instar nymph of T. decempunctata is described and illustrated.

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